War and Conflict in Africa

After the Cold War, Africa earned the dubious distinction of being the world’s most bloody continent. But how can we explain this proliferation of armed conflicts? What caused them and what were their main characteristics? And what did the world’s governments do to stop them? In this fully revised and updated second edition of his popular text, Paul Williams offers an in-depth and wide-ranging assessment of more than six hundred armed conflicts which took place in Africa from 1990 to the pres…

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Successful Composites Technology Transfer: Applying NASA Innovations to Industry

The ingenuity and visibility of NASA space programs, such as the max launch abort system (MLAs), are sparking the creativity, knowledge transfer, and unique applications of revolutionary technologies in areas such as aerospace, wind energy, transportation, oil, safety, and civil infrastructure. Lightweight, high-strength, carbon-fiber composites materials, vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding, smart sensors, out-of-autoclave curing of autoclave composites, unified structures, structural h…

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Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb

​​ ​​​This book has been written by established Orthopedic Surgeons who have become dedicated specialists within their particular subspecialty. They have contributed by writing highly detailed chapters that educate the reader with the basic science, accepted fundamentals and most recent trends within the full range of orthopedic management of upper and lower limb orthopedic disorders.It is intended that this well illustrated and highly informative text book to provide orthopedic surgeons …

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Dreams, Visions and Realities

This series covers texts of women writers whose work is being increasingly discussed in the study of the development of the 20th century and the Modernist movements of the 19th century, placing the works in their context.

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The AdWords Bible for eCommerce: Stop Counting Clicks, Start Making Money

by David Rothwell (Author), Perry Marshall (Foreword), Ken McCarthy (Introduction), Howie Jacobson (Preface)
How to Sell More and Earn More with Unlimited Budgets
“People have been asking a long time for an eCommerce Google AdWords book. This is the world standard.” – Perry Marshall, “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”
“A major contribution to the AdWords literature” – Ken McCarthy, Internet pioneer, and founder of The System Seminar
“David Rothwell is one of my most reliable AdWords Cons…

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The Bro Code

THE BRO CODE provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a “bro” and behave properly among other bros. THE BRO CODE has never been published before. Few know of its existence, and the code, until now, has been verbally communicated between those in the ‘bro’. Containing approximately 150 “unspoken” rules, this code of conduct ranges from the simple (bros before hos) to the complex (the hot-to-crazy ratio, complete with bar graphs and charts). With helpful sidebros THE…

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War Against the Taliban: Why It All Went Wrong in Afghanistan

A comprehensive analysis of the current Afghanistan War by bestselling writer and legendary war reporter Sandy Gall.

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