High Protein, Low GI, Bold Flavor: Recipes to Boost Health and Promote Weight Loss

Here is boldly flavored, nutritious food at the leading edge of the dietary curve. Inspired by her long-standing interest in highly nutritious, waistline-friendly eating, caterer and cookbook author Fiona Carns developed the high-protein, low-GI eating regimen showcased here. High-quality, high-protein ingredients (including lean meats and fish) fill you up without the fat―while low-GI fruits, vegetables, and grains keep you going without blood glucose spikes.Here are dozens of one-recipe mea…

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In Search of the Spiritual Gabriel Marcel, Psychoanalysis and the Sacred by Paul Marcus

Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973), the first French existentialist and phenomenologist, was a world-class Catholic philosopher, an accomplished playwright, drama critic and musician. He wrote brilliantly about many of the classic existential themes associated with Sartre, Heidegger, Jaspers and Buber prior to the publication of their main works.
Marcel regarded himself as a homo viator,? a spiritual wanderer: If man is essentially a voyager, it is because he is en route . . . towards a…

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Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and mental ray

Bring new realism to your visualizations with a command of the 3ds Max toolset. Three step-by-step tutorials demonstrate exterior and interior, day and night lighting scenes. You learn the nuts and bolts of importing models from CAD programs, lighting, applying mr shaders and materials, and optimizing your renders. Mental ray is made simple with an accessible description of its tools.
* Color reproductions illustrate a wide array of subtle techniques.
* mental ray is made easy with accesible…

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21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living

Whether prompted by an uncertain global economy, a decrease in the average family size or a growing desire to tread more lightly on the land and share limited resources, more people are choosing apartment living than ever before. This trend, com…

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Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration (Architext)

Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration explores the interface between migration and architecture. Cities have been substantially affected by transnational migration but the physical manifestations of migration in architecture – and its effect on streetscape, neighbourhood and city – have so far been understudied. This contributed volume examines how migrants interact with, adapt, and construct new architecture. Looking at the physical, urban and cultural impact of these changes on …

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Wise Cocktails: The Owl’s Brew Guide to Crafting & Brewing Tea-Based Beverages

Owl’s Brew, the first blended tea concentrate designed to pair seamlessly with a variety of spirits (including champagne, wine, and even beer!), has transformed the DIY cocktail movement. Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, the founders of Owl’s Brew, have now created the ultimate book for the at-home entertainer: Wise Cocktails. Wise Cocktails offers fresh-brewed tips and tricks for mixing up your very own tea-based cocktails. Jam-packed with 100 recipes, this cocktail book includes drinks m…

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