Hold Paramount The Engineer’s Responsibility to Society, 2nd edition

This essential text provides students with practical insight into the engineering code of ethics and how a practicing engineer is obligated to act in a responsible manner. To illustrate the complexities involved with acting in an ethical fashion, the authors have created characters that encounter a number of situations that test the engineering code of ethics. The dialogue between these characters highlights different perspectives of realistic situations that students will face as practic…

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Operations Management, 5th Edition

In the 5th Edition of¬†Operations Management, Dan Reid and Nada Sanders have strengthened their commitment to improve the teaching and learning experience in the introductory operations management course. The text provides a solid foundation of Operations Management with clear, guided instruction and a balance between quantitative and qualitative concepts. Through an integrated approach, the authors illustrate how all business students will interact with Operations Management in future career…

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Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5 (2nd edition)

Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5 (2nd edition) By Chris Anderson
2012 | 708 Pages | ISBN: 1430235004 | PDF | 31 MB
Silverlight 5 has the potential to revolutionize the way we build business applications. With its flexibility, web deployment, cross-platform capabilities, rich .NET language support on the client, rich user interface control set, small runtime, and more, it comes close to the perfect platform on which to build business applications. It’s a very powerful techno…

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Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Developing for the Mac and iOS App Stores, 4th Edition

Get up to speed on Cocoa and Objective-C, and start developing applications on the iOS and OS X platforms. If you don’t have experience with Apple’s developer tools, no problem! From object-oriented programming to storing app data in iCloud, the …

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